Re: Indonesia vows war against militant ideas of Islam

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>> >JAKARTA, Indonesia - Indonesia will take tough action in its newly declared
>> >war on militant ideas that could include shutting an Islamic school
>> >co-founded by hardline jailed cleric Abu Bakar Bashir if serious teaching
>> >deviations are found, the vice president said on Saturday.
>> >
>> >Jusuf Kalla said the government would soon ban a widely circulated book of
>> >militant ideas written by one of the 2002 Bali bombers, Imam Samudra, who is
>> >on death row.
>> >
>> >
>> "Deviations" in this scenario translates essentially to barbaric acts
>> or terror which are carried out only against fellow Muslim
>> Indonesians, the rest are okey dokey.
>Here's what Imam Samudra, the bomber mentioned in the article,
>said at his trial:
>"If I've made mistakes I'm sorry. If the victims of the bombs were
>Indonesians and Muslims, I'm sorry," he said.

I'm a fricking soothsayer. I knew that would be the case without even
researching it.

>"But if the victims came from countries which are allies of the United
>States, then I'm pleased," Mr. Samudra said at the start of his defense
>plea during his trial for the October 2002 bombing which killed 202
>people, most of them Australians and other foreign tourists.
>He is an articulate spokesman for the "religion of peace".

Still sentenced for execution, but he first might be taken out on an
excursion to Starbucks and other locales for shopping:

"The Indonesian government announced that it was afraid to crack down
too hard on the radical Islamists for fear of having an all out war
launched against them. So it stands to reason that members of the
police and security forces are sympathetic to the Islamist aspirations
of the bombers. Pictures of police officials joking and laughing with
the bombers after the trial in 2002 show whose side they really are
on. (see below),"