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> >> Good thing for her I'm not the interrogator. I'd eventually grant her
> >> wish to be in little bloody little pieces after getting some valuable
> >> information...but it would be a slow process.
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> >Wonder how they'll deal with her. Does Jordan have capital
> >punishment. For crimes other than adultery, I mean.
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> >Attempted mass murder of infidels is probably a misdemeanor,
> >at best. But, since her intended victims were Muslims, she might
> >be facing a felony rap.
> I don't understand why Jordanians are so obsessed with this "it
> couldn't have been a Jordanian" routine. I mean, the ringleader of the
> whole enchilada over there is Jordanian.

>From what I've read, the argument is they couldn't have been *real*
Muslims, because real Muslims would not murder other Muslims.
Actually, there's some logic there, as the Quran -- while it clearly
endorses and encourages the murder of infidels in the course of
Jihad -- does condemn the murder of fellow-Muslims.

However, Zarqawi's boys would no doubt counter with equal logic
that the *victims* were not real Muslims, because they were
consorting with the infidels. And, so the wheel turns.

> Who knows what they'll do with her. I just hope they get some good
> info from her before then.
> If she lives long enough, she could eventually head a commission at
> the UN, I'm sure of that.

She'd be a shoo-in to replace Kofi as Secretary-General :>)