Re: ABC News: French(Muslim) riots spread outside Paris Reuters

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>>>, Foreign Ministry
>>>spokesman Jean-Baptiste Mattei complained about foreign coverage of
>>>the riots -- without naming any media -- and said foreign tourists
>>>were not in danger.
>>>"One is sometimes surprised at the international coverage of these
>>>events," he told reporters. "These are very serious incidents ... but
>>>we are very far from such a serious situation as some commentaries or
>>>television reports lead one to think."
>> Hey, Jean, maybe the rest of the planet realizes that they are witnessing
>> the first serious offensive of the Muslim Intifada against Europe.
>> Maybe they don't want to be in the middle of it.
>what a bunch of pussies...a few teenagers set some cars on fire and you are
>hiding under your bed saying the sky is falling. if the big bad moooslims
>ever do decide to attack, they will have to retreat from the smell of the
>shit in your underpants. grow some balls and stop embarrassing yourself.

The pussies are the government officials who should have issued shoot
on sight orders. And "a few cars" is actually more than 600. I would
expect vigilante groups to appear soon if the government cannot or
will not protect the people.

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