God Prospers the Tither: Blessed in CASH

Title: What Our Readers Say...
Publication: The Good News Magazine
Publisher: Radio Church of God
Editor: Herbert W Armstrong
Issue: Jul 1969
Number: Vol 18, No 7
Page: 16
Type: Letter
Type Media: PDF

Blessed in CASH

"The enclosed check is the tithe of
the increase upon selling our home in
Ohio before leaving. The way God
worked that out surprised us - and
our entire neighborhood. We advertised
it 'for sale' on a Friday - then
purposely had the paper refrain from
listing it on the Sabbath. On Sunday
afternoon a man came and looked at
it and within hours called me back
and said he’d take it. He was not only
a willing buyer - but an able buyer,
as well. He paid cash-which I think
is practically unheard of in this age
of deficit spending.”


Title: God Prospers the Tither!
Publication: The Plain Truth Magazine
Issue: Aug 1934
Editor: Herbert W Armstrong
Number: Vol 1, No 6
Page: 8
Type: Article
Type Media: PDF