Birth of U.S.S.A.
By Armand C. Hale
June 29, 2012

The United Socialist States of American (U.S.S.A.) was born by
cesarean section via the Supreme Court on June 27, 2012. And right now
I have never seen such an ugly baby in my life! I just don't have the
words to describe everything going through my mind. The U.S.A. as I
know it no longer exists. We have become like Canada, France and the
other Euro countries. Remember most of the Euro countries like Greece
and Portugal are near or in Bankruptcy. And speaking of Bankruptcy did
you hear about Stockton, California filing for chapter 9 bankruptcy?
Who is going to bail them out? The State of California? The Federal
Government? No, you are Mr. and Miss American. You got the money. You
don't need to keep it. You work only to give money to the newly born
U.S.S.A. And she is screaming for the milk of tax dollars! The Obama
care is the BIGGEST TAX INCREASE in history. I am so pleased all the
people who voted for Obama to prove they were not racist were able to
make the birth of this baby possible.

This is why Obama MUST be defeated!

Today's Supreme Court ruling underscores why we must Defeat Barack
Obama. We can ill afford four more years of his policies harming this
nation, and of equal importance, we must get to work to repeal and
undo his failed big government policies. Obviously the Repeal of Obama
Care must be one of the first priorities. Lloyd Marcus Chairman, The
Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama

Flashback: Obama care Trojan Horse for Big Labor

You may remember that Nancy Pelosi sneered, "We have to pass the bill
so you can find out what's in it." National Right to Work Foundation
staff attorneys studied the law and found obscure and overt provisions
designed to hand union officials billions of new forced-dues dollars.
Here's just one example of the dangers uncovered by Foundation

Under Title VIII — the "Community Living Assistance Services and
Supports" (CLASS) program — ALL 50 states are ordered to create legal
entities to serve as "employers" of home health care providers.

This may sound familiar to you. Foundation attorneys know from direct
experience that schemes like this are just a trick to force
independent home health care providers into forced unionism. You see,
these schemes corrupt the political process by enabling Big Labor's
political puppets to handpick unions as the sole representatives for
thousands of care providers — including independent contractors and
parents or grandparents who take care of sick or disabled children.

In fact, Foundation attorneys currently have a case pending at the
Supreme Court that could blow apart one such forced-dues bonanza in
Illinois implemented by Governor Pat Quinn and his disgraced
predecessor, Rod Blagojevich. After the Obama care decision, the
federal government remains empowered to mandate states implement
similar programs. But more than 15 states have already cooked up such
schemes — with millions of dollars in forced union dues from home
health care providers up for grabs.

That's why with free legal aid from Foundation staff attorneys, Pam
Harris and seven other Illinois in-home care providers have asked the
Court to invalidate the scheme. This scheme marks a new low and is a
gross violation of workers' rights under the Constitution. While we
await the Court's order in that case, much attention will
understandably be paid to the Obama care decision. Hopefully that
discussion will include a renewed discussion about what's in the bill.
For more on how Big Labor stands to benefit from the government health
care takeover, read my Wall Street Journal column from 2009.

Sincerely, Mark Mix

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