Way It Really Is

Jesus saved me by showing me the real Biblical Gospel
in a single moment of time despite my then being
in deepest darkness in occult (Mormonism).

That real Biblical Gospel is the same Gospel that Christ
showed Paul to preach to the nations,
and that Christ showed Luther to enable the Protestant Reformation:

Christ gives us faith to trust him to be
righteous for us in our stead forever for salvation,
so that he gives us eternal life.
(Romans 1:16-17, 3:22-26, 4:3-8, 20-25, 5:15-19)

After the time of Paul and the apostles,
the real Gospel was rapidly pushed aside
by imitation so-called "gospels" that based
"salvation" on personal "righteousness"
rather than salvation based on Christ
being righteous in our stead forever.
The same thing occurred after
the time of the Reformers.

Today most denominations teach
those imitation "gospels" based on
personal "righteousness" (that is,
repent enough, change of mind,
surrender, personal commitment,
baptism, giving, endurance, etc.,
in short, such things as should be done
but never trusted in for salvation
since all trust must be on Christ alone).

Even those few denominations that
once knew the real Biblical Gospel
have so clouded it up with carryovers
from Catholicism (infant baptism,
baptism and sacrament as though
essential as means of grace for faith,
repentance as though essential
precondition for salvation, etc.)
that people just trust in their own
personal "righteousness" anyway.

This present generation desperately
needs to get back to the real Biblical Gospel
so that this generation does not perish.

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