The Spirits of the Churches

1-undecided, 2-chosen, 3-the son or rather, the evangelicals, those that
want to live as christ did, 4-fighters, that are willing to kill (probably
more than just willing to), 5-the believers, 6-poor in spirit that do not
trust their faith, 7-the rich in spirit that places too much importance in
what they have, or think they have, and limits who can teach them anything.

It should be understood by now that the reference to the seven churches in
revelations has a dual meaning. This is based on the clear description
given, he that holds the seven stars in the midst of the seven candles.

On the one side, he is speaking to the seven churches, what it will take to
clean them up. The attempt to clean up is based on beliefs or tenets of the
various churches. Things that are almost synonymous with a particular
church. There are only seven, because most are interrelated to a degree
that makes distinctions implausible.

The second meaning relates to the belief systems of individuals. I have
listed the seven types of believers. I did the same in a question on Yahoo!
answers, but I have not been able to connect to the website in a couple of
weeks since doing so. The first two are self explanatory.