Re: A Challenge to Organised Judeo-Christian Religions

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The fact is that the Gnostic scriptures are older and have been copied and
translated less than the canonical scriptures,

The gnostic texts were composed later than the NT, and are only extant
in coptic translation as a rule (unlike the NT, which are extant in the
original language). The number of copies made between composition and
the earliest extant copy is somewhat hard to judge.

Some, if not all, are older than of the earliest surviving New Testament


You are obviously unfamiliar with the Nag Hammadi texts, such as the
Gospel of Thomas, written in Aramaic.

<sobbing with laughter> Oh, you precious fool. Where DID you get the
idea that pretending knowledge that you don't possess would work
against someone who really knows? Learn something today from this
(written by me, as it happens):

I've snipped the remainder as containing only whining, reiteration and

Aramaic gnostic gospels... I really must remember that! <chortle>

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