Re: Is Jesus God Or Is He Gods Son ?

Jesus is God's son, his only son, and that puts him on such an exalted
level that he is also God.

How do you know God didn't have other sons in different galaxies/planets ??

To be exact, Jesus is God's word, and a person is only as good as his

How do you know Jesus is God's word? The looney bins are full of people
saying they speak the word of God? You cannot possibly know much about a
man who lived 2000 years ago!

Is God superior to Jesus or are they equal ?

God is superior to Jesus, and yet, in another way, they are indeed equal.
It depends on how you look at it.

So in other words you don't know.

Are they the same person in
different forms , or are they distinct individuals ?

There are three distinct individuals. The Father, the Son and the Holy
Spirit. God, God, and God. A mystery, but not too hard to understand
if you take on the attitude of a child.

This doesn't make any sense whatsoever.