Principles of Universe Formation

Principles of Universe Formation

1- Universes are formations that may come to exist within Black Holes that form
within other Universes.

2- What we call the Big Bang process is the explosive conversion of extremely
dense material within a Black Hole into less dense material. This may be
pictured as a sort of "hollowing out" of an area within a Black Hole when
conditions allow for balance between the outward explosive force of the Big Bang
process and the inward gravitational force of the surrounding extremely dense
matter of the Black Hole.

3- Not all Black Holes go into Big Bang. Not all Big Bangs result in stable
Universe formation.

4- It is not possible to leave a Universe and enter the Universe within which it
formed. Therefore it is impossible to determine how many nested Universe
structures actually exist or for how long these processes have been going on.

5- The properties of the material within a given Universe (including scale) is
not identical to those in the Universe within which it formed, and is not
identical to those in Universes that may form within the Black Holes in it.