Obama Is Wrong on Gay Marriage

Friday, 08 Jun 2012 11:28 AM
By Pat Boone
It was likely the most stunning magazine cover in American history.
Newsweek, with new ownership and editorship, trying desperately to
regain former readership and relevance, portrayed President Barack
Obama looking upward with a determined, purposeful expression . . .
with a shining, ethereal, rainbow-hued halo hovering over his head.

And in bold letters, the picture and cover story bore the title,
'The First Gay President."

Yes, the President of the United States, the presumed leader of the
free world . . . gay.

Of course, the incredulous reader would discover that the president
didn’t pronounce himself a homosexual. That title was conferred on him
by the magazine and the cover story writer, Andrew Sullivan, who is
proudly homosexual.

But the intent of Newsweek and Sullivan — in no way disclaimed by
Obama — was to identify the American president totally with, and 100
percent supportive of, the homosexual community and its determination
to be “normalized” in American culture.

This was in contradiction to Obama’s earlier statements in which he
declared his belief in marriage as a covenant between one man and one
woman. That was when he was campaigning for the presidency.

But now he is campaigning for re-election, suffering in the polls
because of the economy and many other factors, and Sullivan surmised
that championing “gay marriage” would “fire up” the youth vote. So our
president declared his “thinking had evolved,” and that his new view
underscored his commitment to “equality.”

Sullivan said further, “Obama advanced his key strategy to winning in
the fall: to make this a choice election. If it is a ‘choice’ election
(a choice about the institution of marriage), he wins. If it is a
referendum on the last four years of economic crisis, he could lose.”
And as Sullivan added, “the choice could not have been starker.”


It is the president, not the Congress, not the electorate, not the tea
party, or any “special interest” group who has drawn a line in the
sand. He is motivated by purely partisan political ambition. He, and
he alone, has given the American people the starkest and clearest
choice ever in American politics this November.

It’s not about homosexuality alone, or marriage, or his “evolving”

The real dividing line — the line drawn in the sand — is who, and
what, will govern the American people. Will it be the people
ourselves, by majority rule as foreseen by our founding fathers — or
will it be a temporary leader, unelected judges, and willful, heavily
funded lobbying groups?

Even more precisely, will we continue to be “One nation Under God” or
a drastically divided society under humanism, secularism and
“evolving” thought?

Consider, on just this issue of the definition of marriage. In every
state where the people have voted, expressing their will, the verdict
has always been to uphold marriage as between a man and a woman.

The issue is not antipathy toward homosexuals; it is not about the
morality involved; it is whether or not this sacred God-ordained
covenant will continue to be defined — as it always has been since the
human race came into being — as the union of a man and a woman.

Interestingly, not one of the proponents of same-sex marriage — not a
single one, ever — is other than the product of a man and a woman.
That was the plan, from the beginning, and there will be no other way
to propagate the human race.

When this issue was being debated in Washington, just before Congress
voted on the Marriage Amendment, a dear black minister made this
observation: “Water is H20. That’s two parts hydrogen, one part

"You may decide to combine two parts oxygen and one part hydrogen—but
then you get hydrogen peroxide, not water. Water is made only one way,
and messing with that creates something very different.”

Mr. Obama has drawn his line right down the middle of the black
church, presuming he could bring them along into his evolutionary
thought. He’s wrong.

All the big black church groups, though they love Obama, cannot
endorse abortion or homosexuality…because they know their Bible. So he
has put them in the position of choosing him…or God. That’s a losing

Bishop Clarence McClendon, in South Central L.A., pastor of a large,
vital, multiracial church, was compelled to preach on this painful
choice right after the Newsweek cover appeared:

“Truth does not change because of cultural change (if this is the
perspective of a practicing Christian, then he needs to stop

This is not a civil rights issue . . . this is an issue of
“equalization,” of making homosexuality “normal” in the culture. We
respect your right to do it, but we will not call it normal, when the
Word of God calls it an abomination. Marriage makes it normal in the
culture and homosexual marriage is not normal.

We can, and do, love every human being, but we are not to compromise
our beliefs or the standard of God’s Word.” And the Bishop went on to
say,” Sin is sin, no matter who does it. The sin of a believer or an
unbeliever is still sin. There are no levels of sin, and we make no
distinctions. The Bible says ‘All have sinned and fallen short’ Romans

This brave minister echoes the words of John Wesley, founder of the
Methodist Church: “Vice does not lose its character by becoming
fashionable.” And “what one generation tolerates, the next generation
will embrace.” That’s “evolution” of thought. Wesley also said, “My
ground is the Bible. Yea, I am a Bible-bigot. I follow it in all
things, both great and small.”

I fear our cries for “tolerance” are leading us away from God’s
will . . . and blessing.

And that’s where Barack Obama, the “first gay president,” has brought

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