Re: No exemptions on mandatory reporting

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That's exactly it, you have no clue to the fun people are having at
your expense. You think yourself so clever in your responses when in
fact everybody just laughs at them. But no matter how many people
tell you this, you still believe yourself to be clever.

I'm laughing at you, alvin.

Keep it up, you are a very lonely person.

I'm not the one who posted:
A disabled man in London (UK) was arrested for using his wheelchair to
scratch cars parked in diabled places by the able bodied. I am glad to say
that the Jury found him not guilty of causing damage with intent. Though
has said he will try other methods.

My local shop handles it very well. When a car is parked there when it
shouldn't a message is read out over the tannoy, and often people will
and jeer as the person moves their car. Strangely not many park in those

Strange, google only shows you having written lied then,
why repeat the lie again, do you think it gets better each time?

Don't you even remember that I asked you what a tannoy was?
That isn't something that would find itself roaming around in my mouth.