Secret US Government at War With Christianity

Secret US Government at War With Christianity

Disclaimer: This website must be presented as fiction. What is
described on this website could never occur in America. Anyone stating
otherwise can be publicly discredited, imprisoned, institutionalized,
forcibly medicated, or murdered.


Secret US Government at War With Christianity

Since the early 70’s Hollywood has been creating movies that depict
possession and haunting with religious implications with Christianity
being the target. Movies such as The Exorcist and Amityville Horror
were box office hits that use people’s religious beliefs as a basis to
explain the extraordinary event depicted in the movie.

Movies such as the Exorcist and Amityville Horror are based on a true
story. What actually occurred is radically different that what is
depicted in the movie. The special effects of the movies usually
convince movie audience that what happened in the movie could only be
caused by a supernatural event.

A secret element of the United States government since the late 60’s
has been covertly working behind the scenes to implement a secret
domestic agenda. The secret government needed to distract the American
people from pressing social issues.

A decision by the secret government to create hoaxes across America
that involves convincing American citizens that supernatural events
such as possession and haunted houses are real and are occurring.

Classified sonic harassment technology that can project sound as a
focused beam of sound in one direction like a laser beam has existed
since the 50’s. A beam of sound generated by these classified devices
can be audible (within the human hearing range), ultrasonic (above the
human hearing range), and infrasonic (below the human hearing range).

This beam of sound can pass through walls of a house without causing
any damage to the house. This beam can pass through wood, stone,
brick, cement, and metal. A sonic beam produced by this classified
technology can be used to attack a person in his home without leaving
any physical evidence of the attack behind.

A person attack by these classified sonic devices will complain of the

1) Hearing voices or noises that no one else can hear.
2) Feeling some invisible presence such as a spirit.
3) Feeling impacts or jolts to parts of the body.
4) Burning sensations to parts of the body, such as the legs.
5) Strange spooky noises coming from rooms or the attic of a house.
6) A person hearing inner voices.
7) Strange dreams or nightmares.
8) Sensation of levitating off a bed.
9) Loss of sleep from the above symptoms.

The secret government has developed this classified sonic harassment
technology to basically terrorize people through walls. Millions of
dollars have been spent developing this technology. The technology
fires beams of sound that pass through walls. The sonic devices can be
moved into a house neighboring a family’s house to be targeted

Agents of the secret government will seek out a family and secretly
move into a neighboring house. The agents will conduct covert
surveillance of the entire family with classified surveillance
technology that can see and hear through house walls.

The same classified surveillance technology that is used to protect
the national security of the United States is used domestically to
implement the secret government domestic agenda.

The classified surveillance technology can see detailed images of
people through walls. The technology uses human body heat to detect a
person through a wall and generate a detailed image on a screen of
people in a neighboring house. This technology basically gives the
government agents X-Ray vision to electronically see through walls.

The classified surveillance technology can also hear through walls.
The technology is so sensitive that it can hear a person breathing
through a wall.

The surveillance device is operated in a neighboring house to a
targeted person or family. From inside the house used for surveillance
agents will operate the surveillance technology and be able to see
detailed images and hear any conversations of a targeted person(s) in
the house next door. Agents do not have to enter the house under
surveillance to place eavesdropping devices because this classified
technology can see and hear right through the walls.

There is no privacy when this technology is used against a targeted
person or family. The agents can see all activity and conversations in
the targeted house. There is no way for the targeted household to
detect the surveillance or prevent it. The classified technology is
designed to be undetectable and very difficult to block.

From outside the house used for surveillance, no visual evidence of
the surveillance is possible. To anyone just passing by, nothing out
of the ordinary will be noticeable. The classified surveillance
technology is designed to be operated from inside a house used by
government agents. Any neighboring house can be placed under complete
electronic surveillance with this technology.

The classified technology that can see through walls has been
incorporated into a targeting scope that can target people through
walls of a house. From inside the house used by government agents a
targeted person in a neighboring house can be targeted through walls
of his house.

The through wall targeting scope can be used to target a person
through walls and a sonic weapon can be fired at the targeted person
from inside the agent’s house. The sonic beam will pass through the
agents’ house walls and the targeted person house walls without
causing any physical damage to either house.

Since no physical evidence is created by attacking a person in his
house by this technology, a person targeted can be tricked into
believing that he is being haunted or possessed by an evil spirit. In
some cases, people targeted can even be tricked into believing that
they are hearing the voice of God.

The secret government has spent millions of dollars developing this
classified sonic harassment technology. This technology has been used
against innocent American citizens and families for decades. This
classified technology has been used to trick people and families into
believing they are living in haunted houses or that an invisible force
or spiritual entity is present in their house.

This classified sonic harassment technology can be used to trick a
family into believing their house is haunted. The most famous haunted
house story in the 70’s was The Amityville Horror. What American
citizens don’t know is that classified sonic harassment technology was
used against the family to trick the family into believing their house
is haunted.

Agents seek out and place a handful of innocent American citizens
under surveillance each year looking for the next person or family to
trick into believing that a supernatural event is happening to them.

The secret government uses people’s religious beliefs against them.
Christians have been the primary target. The secret government has
been engaged in a war against Christianity. The secret government has
been creating these hoaxes across America for decades in an attempt to
smear Christianity. The supernatural events depicted in these popular
Hollywood movies are based on hoaxes created by classified sonic
harassment technology used against unsuspecting innocent American

This is a professional operation. The agents involved in the
operations are specially trained agents. Their goal is to create
hoaxes and convince any people targeted that what they are
experiencing is real. The classified technology is military precision
technology designed to attack people through walls and leave no
physical evidence to prove that technology caused to event.

The secret government has been using social engineering since the late
60’s to change the way American think. As racial tensions began to
rise in the late 60’s the secret government began publicly known
desegregation policies of the military, workplace, and schools.
Federal Civil Rights laws were passed to make decimation a crime. The
desegregation of white communities across America would be a virtually
impossible task so the secret United States government began covert
domestic operations that would take decades to accomplish their

The secret government’s goal in the late 60’s was to prevent the
United States from breaking up and falling into civil war. The secret
government decided that social engineering would be necessary to
defeat the majority of the white population. The use of the National
Guard or the military to forcibly desegregate white communities could
spark a civil war.

The secret government needed to distract the white population and
focus their attention on things other than pressing social issues.
With the white populations attention focused on other things besides
social issues, the secret government could work behind the scenes to
implement their covert domestic social agenda.

The white population’s primary religion became a target. The secret
government decided to create supernatural hoaxes across America that
would change the way Americans view Christianity.

Classified sonic harassment technology was developed that can trick
people into believing that they are possessed or that they are living
in a haunted house. This technology would be used against innocent
American civilians across the country. Christians would be the primary
target. Christian’s religious beliefs would be used as a weapon
against them.

Sonic weapons were basically unheard of in the late 60’s and to this
day also. People attacked with this technology would have no idea that
physically harmless sound waves were being used against them. The
targeted people believing that a supernatural event occurred in their
lives would go on to convince others that what they have experienced
is real. The possession and haunted house stories begin to spread and
Hollywood stepped in to make some of the most famous possession and
haunted house stories.

The secret government uses Hollywood as a tool for implementing its
social agenda. Agents of the secret government work behind the scenes
to make sure the public is made aware of the artificially created
supernatural events. Agents masquerading as paranormal investigators
manipulate the victims and public into believing that what occurred is
truly supernatural. Members of the secret government occupy key
positions in publishing and Hollywood get books and movies made that
will convince the American public that the artificially created
supernatural events are real. The pubic is manipulated into believing
in these fake supernatural events.

The secret government needed to distract the white population’s
attention in order to implement a secret domestic agenda. The
possession and haunted house stories that occurred since the late 60’s
are very likely the result of this covert domestic war. The secret
government needed to defeat the majority of the white population and
chose their religion to use as a weapon against them.

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