Re: Succinct List of Roman Catholic Dogmas

On Apr 7, 12:18 am, Billy <robb7thurs...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear Number 6;
     Very excellent answers.  Now I am studying the Dr. Ludwig Ott
list of Roman Catholic Dogmas, along with my niece who is considering
becoming a Benedictine Oblate.  May I or may she send the occasional
question to you, or would you suggest a very staid apologist.  Frankly
I don't need a dogfight sicced on my modernism, rather a person whose
will is aligned with the dogmata.  Please Advise.  And may the Lord
bless you.

One is always welcome ... The answers you will get from me will be
dogmatic ... I do temper answers with nuances often to gives the whys
and also how changes may really be the same ...

My outlook on religion is that I am a fervent Roman Catholic who
believes that we can gain strength in our religion by bringing good
points from other religions into practice ... such as the
proselytizing of the Jehovah Witness ,,, the giving of service of the
Mormon ... the ceremony of the Orthodox ... and the like ... doing the
like will only make us better ...


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