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There's the problem. You think God's Commandments belong to men,
and not God.

You know what I think? How could you know what I think?

God gave Moses the Commandments. God entrusted them to Moses. I don't think
ownership is the issue; maybe stewardship, but not ownership.

Not sure why you allowed yourself to believe such a
thing. But others should know the catholic church believes such
things. Choose wisely if you're going to follow a religion that
thinks they can delete whatever Commandments they wish. :-(

You have no Church. Once the Bible is taken from the true Church, it is in
the hands of heretics and madmen - like you. Don't believe me? Then tell me
how your Church was built by Christ. Where was it in the 5th century? The
10th? The 12th?

Your failure to unify is proof of your folly and fraudulence. You're a
pipsqueak. A cheap noismaker like the ones they give out at parties. Sure,
you can piss a few people off, but you'll end up with nothing but your own

The Catholic Church is authorized by Christ to make any statement on faith
and morals as the Church sees fit. No man, nor angel can challenge it.


Speaking of cheap noisemakers, that's what most religious kooks are
with the so-called 'church' leading the show. The Kath-o-lick church
certainly was not 'authorized' by Christ except in your little pea
brain and EVERY man can challenge it. Hell, it's nothing more than
the world's largest fundraising organization with a backroom where you
can suck little boy's pee-pees.

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