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The OT is God's introduction of himself to his chosen people
? it was written by Hebrew storytelllers who chose to say that they were
chosen. Gypsies also claim to be God's chosen.

The selected books have been well researched.

However, you reject the Epistles because they were written by Paul, you reject
the Gospels because Paul is the one that really wrote them, and you reject the
OT because they were written by gypsies.

You are an atheist.

. The stories of
the OT basically reveal God's word but in the vocabulary and thought
pattern of one (God) they never met. So no, I don't believe the validity of any man
speaking of God who also talks about his daughters.

? Who wrote Genesis 19 ?

Nobody knows. By the time of Jesus, the Rabbi's pushed the idea that Moses was
the author of Genesis. But the Church openly says "nobody knows".

His words re God are
revelation, and his words re his daughters could be pure bs. It's
certainly of
no value re scripture.

? It's of value to me because it gives a pretty damn good clue as to who
wrote it.

Nobody knows.

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