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Anyway, if Bob Donahue of the Republican-dubbed-Catholic
league got his way, no Catholic would be allowed to say:

"I believe [A], but I won't pass laws that make it illegal to
believe [B]."

If you fill in the blanks I think you'll find you've mischaracterized
the situation. It's correct to say:

"I believe that abortion is the unjustified killing of an unborn human
being, but I won't pass laws that make it illegal [or restrict in any
manner] to perform abortions."

The key difference is that the laws being promoted would make *actions*
illegal, not beliefs. If my children *decide* that I'm no longer human
and want to put me out of their misery, there are laws to forbid that
activity. Their beliefs, however, would not be illegal.

If Bob Donahue and his partisan Republican "Catholic"
league got his way, every American -- even those who
are not bigoted or politicaly partisan -- would have to
doubt the patriotism of Catholics.

Since when is it *patriotic* to believe something is gravely evil and
yet refuse *on principle* to act on that belief? We have laws against
murder, something which is condemned in the Fifth Commandment. Does that
make it a religious issue that shouldn't be enforced by law?

In a democracy, conflcting viewpoints should be vigourously and civilly
debated. The idea that the value of a human life is a private conviction
is the enemy of civilization. Technological barbarism lies down that
road. True patriots speak their minds and act consistently on their
beliefs. The voters have the option to accept or reject candidates. If
they want people who say "A" and then do "not-A", it's their choice. How
that would be either patriotic or intelligent is beyond me.

After all, once the Vatican starts excommunicating leaders
who don't ENFORCE chruch positions on everybody (even
if they are not Catholic), then everytime you see a Catholic
leader you are seeing somebody who never failed to uphold
a church position.

The Church takes *positions* on lots of things which aren't binding in
conscience on *everyone*. But the value of an innocient human life is
not open for discussion inside the church, anymore than whether the
devil is a good angel or not. The politicians who are feeling harassed
by the conflict between their periodic public espousal of Catholicism,
while insisting on acting as legistators who are anything but, is easily
resolved. The rapidly shrinking Episcopal Church will happily take them
in, and won't make any heavy demands on them. All that they have to do
is to stop pretending to be Catholics when it's time for voters to

That the Church might actually insist that Catholics who publically
scandalize the Church by, for example, promoting the murder of unborn
human beings, seems to shock you. If the Lions Club ejects or
disciplines one of its members to flagrantly violanting thier rules,
would that upset you too? The politicians in question are in complete
control of the situation. They want to have their cake and eat it too. I
don't feel sorry for them in the least.

Personnally, I'd rather vote for an honest candidtate who left the
Church to join another, more amenable community, than to vote for an
excommnicant. I'd have to assume that person lacked the intelligence or
the integrity to deal with the conflict he created for himself.


Dennis dag2ster@xxxxxxxxx
Thinking with the Church requires thinking. R. Nuehaus

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