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How did G-d/God punish King David for getting rid of Uriah and wedding his
dropdead gorgeous widow, Bathsheeba?

2 Samuel 12:13-14
And David said to Nathan: I have sinned against the Lord. And Nathan
said to David: The Lord also hath taken away thy sin: thou shalt not

Nevertheless, because thou hast given occasion to the enemies of the
Lord to blaspheme, for this thing, the child that is born to thee,
shall surely die.

The word "enemies" is likely a later insertion. Which implies that
initially the baby dying was viewed as a punishment for David, and
later was viewed as a warning and admonishment for others, as in "No,
the Hebrew God does not let his followers get away with murder and

Thus you can view it as the punishment for David, or as a message for
witnesses and later generations that these crimes do have terrible
consequences even if forgiven, with David's(and Bathsheba's) grief
being incidental to the direct purpose.