Re: New book answers deep and complicated questions, GROWING UP CATHOLIC THE PURSUIT OF TRUTH

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Today more and more American Catholics are opting out of attending
church altogether including 20% of Hispanics, says former Catholic
now minister and author Tim Lott. "I have personally experienced the
boredom at Sunday Mass, I questioned the man-made rules of my faith
along with the churches rituals, only to find that I was empty
after thirty-eight years of religion." Now, through his personal
journey of searching for answers after a tragedy stuck in his life,
has discovered what is being called, "a survival kit for the casual

And we should be interested in your opinions, why? Because you're an
ex-Catholic? ...

** There is no such animal, there are only recovering Catholics.

They never do actually recover though do they?

** I don't know.

That's the first intelligent thing you've said.



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