Re: Santa Claus is NO REAL (As well as Jesus)

Anonym...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

OK, here's your big chance to prove to both myself
and the world that Jesus Christ is God. Provide
absolute proof and I might believe. By absolute proof,
I DO NOT mean the bible, which was written by men,
not by God. You have about 100,000 bytes of text
available on this group to provide absolute proof.

Not that I fail to be sympathetic towards your position,
but you can't be serious in your demands.


Using the resources available HERE (i.e. "bandwidth")
PROVE that there isn't a dinosaur outside my front

Can't be done. And the opposite can't be done, either.
I wouldn't be able to prove that there's a dinosaur outside
my front door... or a cat... or a bush... or a tree for that

Photographs could be forged, could they not? What, are
you going to accept eyewitness accounts? If so, here's

This is Emma, JTEM's next-door neighbor. There really
is a dinosaur outside his front door. It's true. I'm looking
at it right now.

Okay, satisfied? Because NOTHING that could be offered
here would amount to anything but some variation of the

Any photograph would be denounced as a photoshopped
fake... any testimony would be denounced as fabricated...
damn, there's software that would even allow me to drum
up some fake newspaper headlines!

Like I said though, I'm sympathetic to your position. Maybe
instead of making demands that you must understand are
unreasonable, you could discuss your reasons for believing
as you do.

Good luck with that.