catholics have a different religion

There is a diffence in the views between Christians and the rcc.
Let's see if I can present some of the clearly:

1. Christianity is Christ centered, the rcc is rcc centered
2. Christianity has Christ as its head, the rcc has the popes'
opinions of Christ at its head
3. Christianity emphasizes serving Jesus by serving others, the rcc
emphasizes serving Jesus by going to mass, saying rosaries, and other
ceremonial things.
4. Christianity tends to take the Bible literally where things are
presented literally in the Bible, figuratively where they are
presented figuratively in the Bible, the rcc tends to either
"ceremonialize" or redefine the meanings of things in the Bible.
5. Christianity recognizes the authority of Scripture, the rcc claims
the authority of the pope and continuously evolving "traditon" over
the scriptures.

Just some thoughts. . .