Re: Smooth Radio UK 56 aac..Meanwhile Jackie goes 192 aac

hwh wrote:
On 6/14/11 12:35 PM, Richard Evans wrote:
Kulin Remailer wrote:
So called national smooth radio continue to broadcast anti hi-fi sound
online while Radio Jackie continue to look after Hi-Fi listeners!

192k aac?
It that is true I'll have to try it.
However I'm not sure whether 192k is strictly necessary to aac, as aac
already sounds very good at 128k.

Well, let's say it depends on what you have been accustomed to. Compared
to DAB it is superb, compared to CD it is not.

Admittedly last time I compared aac@128k with CD quality was many years ago. Perhaps my CD player didn't have the best modern ADC, and the same may be true of the ADC on the computer I was using to compare it with.

At the time however I couldn't hear any difference between the CD and the aac, so although admittedly it wasn't the most thorough of tests, it may perhaps prove that when not using the best possible equipment, aac@128k is good enough.

I can accept however that to other people aac@128k might not be enough. Perhaps to a young hi-fi buff, with top end equipment and very good hearing, there may be quite significant differences.

Richard E.

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