Re: Germany national public radio to cease on DAB

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As usual, you're completely incapable of seeing the other side of the coin; unable to perceive the sly, self-serving tactics of powerful industry figures and businessmen.

The last thing you can accuse me of is being unable to perceive the sly, self-serving tactics employed by powerful industry figures

Fair enough - I didn't make myself very clear there. What I was basically intending to say, was that your raging anti-DAB obsession had caused you to glorify this Mr Steul guy, and blinded you to what I suspect are merely sly and self-serving tactics on his part, indirectly designed to strengthen DAB's position and not weaken it.

- if you've forgotten, my central argument is that the BBC is biased towards DAB and biased against Internet radio due to protectionist reasons, and BBC executives lie whenever they think it would help their cause to do so, all of which are examples of sly, self-serving behaviour.

Yes, we've all had your unproveable conspiracy theories presented to us as if they were fact about a million times already. :p