Re: Review of DRM radio

"DAB sounds worse than FM" <> wrote in message
Malcolm Knight wrote:

I used to get around 90% of 8Mbs but I only get a little over 50% of
24Mbs. You'll never get 90% of 24 as it is an exaggeration compared
to 8 MBs, one includes overheads and the other doesn't.
Oh, right, I didn't know that.

It's what I read on when ADSL2 first appeared and
what I was told by my own ISP support. On reflection, the old 2Mb/s
service included overheads. I'm not sure about 8Mb/s.

I reckon there'll be even more complaints about ADSL2+ then if they
promote it as "up to 24 Mbps", because people are already grumbling
about "up to 8 Mbps" now that the initial buzz of getting a faster
connection has worn off.

Maybe only the technically savvy. I recently discovered a friend on an
up to 8Mbs service who was getting a miserable 150kbs and seemed
perfectly happy with it.