Re: Nero AAC encoder front-end

Richard Evans wrote:
DAB sounds worse than FM wrote:
Richard Evans wrote:
DAB sounds worse than FM wrote:
Richard Evans wrote:
DAB sounds worse than FM wrote:
Richard Evans wrote:
I seem to have found the problem. It does not work if the .wav
extension in in capital letters, but does work if it is in lower
Yes, that will have been the problem because the code checked for
"wav" not "WAV". I've changed the code so it's case-insensitive,
so it should work okay now if you download the newer version:
Yep. Works fine now.
Or at least it does on XP, not sure whether it will be possible to
get it to run on ME, as that seem to be a totally different issue.

Could you let me know if it does work on ME please?

Not sure if you read my other messages. I did try your previous
program on ME, using the same files that I had managed to encode
under XP.
The command prompt window simply opened and then immediately closed
again. If you have changed nothing more than simply making it case
insensitive, then I can't really see it being any different. I'll
give it a try it if you like, but I would expect exactly the same
thing to happen again.

I think this is actually an issue with Nero and Windows ME, because
I can't seem to get it to work from the command line either, it just
says that it can not open the input file. If you know of any other
input options I can try from the command line I will give them a go.
If I have enough time I'll also have another go at trying to get it
to work. If not then I think we may just have to accept that we
can't get Nero AAC encoder to run under ME.

The system requirements for Nero Digital says that ME is supported:

so it should work.

You could try some older Nero encoder and decoder files if the
latest ones aren't working with ME. Here's the files from version

Sorry. The older version does exactly the same thing.
I even put the executable in the same folder as the input file 003.wav
and ran a batch file containing the following commands.

neroaacenc -if 003.wav -of 003.m4a -br 64000

It simply said:

"ERROR: could not open WAV file"

Fair enough. Does it do the same with different WAV files as well?

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