Re: 128k WMA problem solved on Wi-Fi radios

hwh wrote:
DAB sounds worse than FM schreef:
DAB sounds worse than FM wrote:
I haven't tried these for a bit, because they sounded shit when they
were reduced to 32 kbps, but I've just tried theJazz, Chill and
Classic FM, which are GCap stations that use 'Intellistream' and
were being reduced from 128 kbps to 32 kbps on these Wi-Fi radios,
and now they're all playing back at 128k, so they must have fixed
the problem in general. Result.

Out of interest, can other people who've got a Wi-Fi radio playback
the above stations at 128 kbps?

Please supply a link so that we can try what the streams do.

There's links for Chill, theJazz and Classic FM on here:

But the issue was only with playback on Wi-Fi Internet radios, because they
reduced the bit rate for playback from 128k to 32k, but if you play them on
a computer they're always 128k (apart from if there's some dynamic bandwidth
reduction, but that's rare).

The Wi-Fi Internet radios had an issue with the streams because they were
using 'Intellistream' technology - I've no idea what the issue was, but
they've sorted it now anyway.

There's a thread about it on the Reciva forums:

but I'm not sure if you need to register to read it. In case you need to
register here's the first post from someone at Reciva about the issue
(posted in January, so it's taken ages to sort it):

"We are aware that some users have noticed differences in the streaming
bit-rate between a PC player and using their radio.

The affected stations use a streaming technology called 'Intellistreams'.
The server broadcasts the audio stream at various rates to ensure they are
available to users with different speed connections. The player has to
determine its own connection speed and then streams at the rate which will
provide the best service (quality against connectivity).

Currently, the radios do not support Intellistreams and to ensure that you
can receive the station, revert to a low bitrate stream.

We are now testing Intellistream support, however cannot release any
upgrades until this is complete, and until the radio manufacturers have
completed their own testing."

I might be lucky though, because I've got a few Wi-Fi radios I'm about to
review, and I contacted someone at Reciva who said they'd manually enable it
on my account, so other people might have to wait for it - presumably they
might be testing it or something, but it works okay.

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