Re: DAB annual sales 50% below forecast!!

On Sep 26, 6:20 pm, "DAB sounds worse than FM" <> wrote:
Why do I have to know the in depths of codecs to understand human
nature and commercial business pressures?

Give me a good explanation for why the BBC won't improve its audio quality,
which is what most people are bothered about.

Because they don't really seem to care much right now so I can't see
them caring much just because the codec has changed. The same goes for
the commercial stations. If they do improve the quality it'll be
simply because its easy for them to do so rather than because they
want to.

And how many of those are duplicated? It sounds like you can receive an
unusually high number even for someone in London, because IIRC you should
only be able to receive about 55 stations. And how many of those are music
stations broadcasting in mono?

There are some data channels in that figure and also some duplications
because I live on the outskirts of london , but the point is , those
are the number of seperate bitstreams being broadcast in the area I

In response to a later post , that 75 figure isn't including the L
band "stations". If I include those it goes up to 81 at the last count
(3 audio , 3 data).