Re: "Radio figures soar as nation goes digital"

Nicolas Croiset wrote:
"DAB sounds worse than FM" <> wrote :

Nicolas Croiset wrote:
"DAB sounds worse than FM" <> wrote :

You haven't proved anything. You have used your normal tactics of
lying and deceiving and dishonesty and taken advantage of my poor
understanding of French, and that's it, you haven't proved

Here's the article:

The article is about the biggest French radio broadcasters
rejecting DAB, so the only issue you have is with the contents of
the table. But from what I've been able to make out from
translating parts of their documents that they submitted to the
public consultation, I don't think the contents of that table are
incorrect - not that it is fking important anyway, but seemingly
you just like wasting my fking time with your lies requiring me to
continually come up with quote after quote after quote.

Your document have a table with different specs needed by some
groups, this table is wrong.

The table is correct.

You don't speak french, you use google for the translation of french
documents. French have a lot of subtilities

Same with English.

which any software
translators are unable to give to you.

I confirm your table is incorrect and you are unable to recognize when
you are wrong.

We'll have to agree to disagree then.

Everything else could be like insults and they are not welcome in a
newsgroup. I didn't insult you in any case even if I think it. I am
reserved for an abuse to your provider about the netiquette.

Is it fair to say that Pavarotti is fat? If so, then it's fair for me to
call you a liar - i.e. I wouldn't call you a liar if you didn't lie. It is
in your hands to change your behaviour and stop lying, and I would far
prefer it if you didn't lie so I didn't have to call you a liar.

End of discussion.

Let's hope so...

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