Re: UK radio companies call for AM and FM switch-off by 2015

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tony sayer wrote:

Have you any idea on how much it would cost for a small local station
say somewhere out in the home counties with say a couple of hundreds of
watts ERP on FM to say 128 K on DAB on a local MUX?..

No. Enlighten us. And I meant real costs, not licensing and paperwork.

OK .. the licensing and paperwork are around negligible!.

For FM anything from bugger all if you have your building roof
sufficiently high!

If you have to rent a site and pay for a landline or radio link
£3K to £15K maybe 20 in a large City

typical DAB carriage charges..

DAB at 128 K £60K

DAB at 192 K £90K

all per annum..
Tony Sayer


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