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DAB is rubbish, it is only good for sales people as they can sell more advertising for more stations owned by the same companies. Bitrates are reduced to cram more automated stations in.
Well you won't get any argument from me on that one.

DAB+ will just mean more of the same.

Well I've already discussed my opinion on that, so I don't think I repeat all the details again right now. I do think however that DAB+ will be much more of a mixture, with some good quality broadcasts and some bad.

Time will tell. I'd like to be optimistic, but I just can't see the broadcasters going for improved quality if they don't think most people will notice. Maybe once upon a time, when the engineers ran the show, things were different.

I'm a little more optimistic.
If no broadcasters cared about sound quality, then wouldn't everybody be broadcasting in 64k mono by now?

I'd also point out that a few months ago 3 services in London were upgraded from 128k to 160k.

Basically I think that at least some broadcasters do know that it is worth providing better audio quality, where it is practical to do so. However with the current DAB system it simply isn't practical. The space can be difficult to find, and the costs would be too high.

DAB+ eases both those problems, so then we will see who is and isn't prepared to provide good sound quality.

Richard E.