Re: FM Radio £2.49

Silk wrote:
Richard Evans wrote:

It is mostly the sound quality that people criticise about DAB.
However I find pro DAB people tend to try and make DAB sound a lot better, by exaggerating FM reception problems, and playing down DAB reception problems. If I see such arguments, I tend to try and correct them.

With respect, and inspite of Mr. Green's protests, I'm just giving an honest opinion based on a lot of experience. I drive 50,000 miles a years as part of my job (if it makes Mr, Green happy to think I sell toilet rolls, then I'm happy he's happy), so the radio is very important. I can assure you that ultimate sound quality is only a minor issue for me on the move.

Well that is also a matter of opinion. I have also used DAB in my car, and find the sound quality very annoying. In the end different people are sensitive to different things.

Also, the argument that the slow take-up of DAB is down to sound quality is completely wrong, IMO. The slow take up of DAB is due to a combination of things, cost being one of them. My car setup cost me the best part of £400, and that's with fitting it myself and using Ebay. The same setup at retail prices, professionally installed would have been over £700. No one is going to pay that for casual use, especially when the trend is to get an Ipod adapter or some other type of mp3 player in the car.

I don't think anybody actually said that slow DAB take up is due to poor sound quality. Although it may be a factor among some people (myself included), exactly how many people is a difficult question the answer.

Yes high prices are probably also a big factor, along with reception problems for indoor portable receivers.

I don't think anybody is saying that sound quality is the main reason for poor take up of DAB. I think Steve an others are just saying that DAB does sound very poor, and this has a lot to do with it being an old and very in efficient system.

Richard E.