Re: First AAC/AAC+ radio services launched on T-DMB?

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Richard L wrote:

Broadcasters will always find ways of filling their multiplexes, just
as you and I find ways of filling up our hard drives.

We should call this the Bonne-Lxxxley Hypothesis, because it is just that.
I'm not actually disagreeing that this kind of thing will happen, but it's
the implication that audio quality will always be bad that I disagree with.
I agree with it on DABv1, because it IS an extremely inefficient system. But
I disagree with it on DABv2, because AAC+ can go down to very low bit rates,
such as 48 kbps, without producing the bloody awful sounds that you get on
128 kbps MP2.

I didn't argue that audio quality will always be bad. For one thing,
not all broadcasting is commercial. But for commercial broadcasters,
the available capacity in any given situation is now defined by level
of audio quality at which listeners will desert in significant
numbers. You cannot change this by improving codecs -- you can only
push the threshold a bit further away. And there will always be
something around to fill that capacity.

Richard L.