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I've just paid £10 to download the MP3 file from this session at last
year's IBC:

I'd have just gone to the pub.


At the risk of flying off at a tangent, seeing you here reminds me...
in an article about rock concerts in Ibiza, The Independent yesterday
quoted the owner of the Manumission night-club thus: "There's been a
massive shift in youth culture... The most successful culture --
Madchester, raves and dance music -- has been superseded by guitar
music." So maybe the Beeb wasn't so badly wrong in inventing 6Music
and putting it on DAB.

6 Music's remit is (well, was) to serve 25-45 year olds, serving all
that's best in popular music over the last 30 years or so, and thus be
something for people who are too old for Radio 1 but don't want to the
middle-of-the-road stuff on Radio 2.

So, are you admitting that 6 Music has strayed waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
from its original remit and it's now deliberately catering for the
youth market, Richard?

The BBC has a radio station dedicated to the youth and 20-something
market, it's called Radio 1. Furthermore, you've gleefully tried to
pronounce the demise of dance music before on here by quoting some
newspaper article, and yet it's still going strong. It's a bit like Big
Brother, because each year you get people writing it off as being
finished, but it just keeps on soldiering on

It's true that dance music is nowhere as big as it was in the
Madchester/rave days - how could it be, it was enormous back then, and
the most exciting youth culture movement since the bloody hippies.

Actually though, contrary to whatever you or some clueless Independent
journalist has to say about it, in terms of radio play at least, it
seems to be on the up rather than on its last legs. Stations like
Galaxy who proudly pronounce that they're the "number 1 for dance and
R'n'B" seem to be playing a lot more dance than R'n'B these days, which
is a reversal of what it was a couple of years ago, and Radio 1, which
has always been a good barometer of what's really popular with da yoot
of today has recently announced that there's going to be *more*
specialist dance music shows in a revamp of its evening schedule. Oh,
and a new dance "superclub" opened in Manchester a couple of weeks ago.

And on the subject of rock music in Ibiza, are you suggesting that rock
music is going to supplant dance music in the nightclubs of Ibiza? I
find that very hard to believe, to be perfectly honest. What do people
do in massive nightclubs? They dance, so how are they going to dance to
rock music? With great difficulty, I'd imagine.

Also, looking at what Manumission seems to have been doing, it doesn't
even look like they're doing anything *in* the nightclub. According to
this it says they're having bands perform at Bar M, which is a bar, not
a massive nightclub:

In conclusion: the only way rock music will supplant dance music from
the nightclubs of Ibiza is if someone invents a way of dancing to rock
music other than shaking your head around or po-going, which seems
unlikely, although I can envisage that you'll try to invent such a
dance in your living room, Richard.


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