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DAB sounds worse than FM wrote:

R3 on DAB just doesn't sound very sharp or well defined, whereas FM is
pin-sharp. That might sound like "hi-fi speak", but you have to describe the
difference in sound somehow. And I don't think the difference is to do with
the audio processing either.

PIN sharp? Unlikely if there's a pirate breaking in on the side -which
is what I get on Radio 3 on 91.3 MHz in NW London at the weekends.

Yep well thats not the fault of the system is it?, thats just,

A demand for spectrum space for under supplied markets,


Lack of enforcement by Ofcom....

Then again, maybe you live out in the moors with a bit of twisted
copper wire strung between you and Holme Moss? Thankfully for those of
us who don't have the luxury of hooking up their headphones to a top
end tuner unit to hear those wonderful pauses in the live transmission
from the Metropolitan Opera,

use kitchen radios or car radios to hear
radio broadcasts, while getting on with something else at the same

I wish I had the time to hook myself up to the HiFi to hear Radio 3!

Make time sometime;)

Tony Sayer