Re: Goodbye to PrimeTime Radio

On Thu, 11 May 2006 06:50:18 +0100, "Mike Terry"
<miketerry73@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

"Sunday 14th May is the last day that PrimeTime Radio will be broadcast
nationally on DAB digital radio. We're sad to lose the station from our
network, as it was a distinctive and popular service. We aren't currently
able to confirm how the capacity will be used in the future, but we'll let
you know as soon as more details become available."

DigitalOne info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Did anyone else think the sound quality was poor even by DAB
standards? A lot of the time it seemed grating to me, like playing
singles with a worn stylus.

I wonder if poor sound quality was one of the reasons for leaving DAB
(or is the sound quality the same on the other platforms)?