Re: Worldspace launching in Italy

Kristoff Bonne wrote:

DAB sounds worse than FM schreef:
does that mean they'll be transmitting Italian stations and will they
be recievable here?

From what I've read, the idea with the European satellite digital
radio systems is to transmit language-specific radio stations to the
appropriate areas only.

By "only", I mean that they're going to use spot-beams to direct the
transmissions to the appropriate areas.

In that case, they will have to launch a new satellite first. The
afristar satellite does not have "spotbeams".

In fact, the transponders of the afristar are pointed at .. Africa
(hence the name of the satellite :-)). It just happens to be that parts
of Europe are also covered by some spill-over coverage of the

I thought they have launched a new satellite.

In addition. Doing small-scale spot-beams in L-band is as good as
possible to implement. Its difficult enough to do it in Ku-band. :-)

Please explain why it is not possible.