Re: Which DAB tuners this size???

MJG wrote:

> I would love to still go down the route of getting a DAB tuner though
> at some point as I would love to be able to get the local stations I
> can't currently get via. satellite or FM (My FM reception along with
> my terrestrial TV reception is very iffy where I live). and it is a
> bit of a pain having the TV on to see the text info.
> I appreciate and understand all that is said in here about DAB audio
> quality but I don't really listen to classical stuff and music in our
> house generally is just on as 'background noise' so I can't imagine
> the lower quality will be an issue for me - or is it really likely to
> be so very bad that a DAB tuner plugged into my Technics Hi-Fi will
> be a very very poor investment. - bear in mind my current FM
> recpetion (at least the few channels I can recieve) is generally
> marred my background hiss.

As you've got a DAB bedroom radio, plug that into your Hifi (if the bedroom
radio has a headphone jack, you can take the output from there). Then decide
if you like it or not.

I would recommend that you try for more than five minutes. What might sound
OK for a few minutes may sound less good after a few hours (compressed and
distorted sound is odd like that).

As to whether you will hear it, your ears tell the answer not mine.
I do notice and don't like the way the sound is mangled (I also don't like
most commercial FM stations insistance on over-compression to make their
sound "louder"). My hearing is now far from perfect (age related decline),
but the compression artifacts are not just in the high-frequency pure tone
area, nor does the compression just affect classical music.

I still think a good FM aerial and downlead would be a very sensible

- Nigel

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