Re: What Spectrum is Available from 30 MHz to 120 MHz?


hwh schreef:
Belgium also uses band I for PAL TV: the VRT uses channel 4, the RTBF
uses channel 3 and 4. I have no idea when the PAL shutdown is planned for these transmittors.

Just 3 for Luik/Liege. And some (very) low power gapfillers on 2-4. Just as well with Lopik blazing in the neighbours'.

Well, I wanted to check the exact powerlevel of the antwerp transmittor (yes, on channel 2, you are correct, not channel 4), but I noticed that the PDF on the vrt website doesn't mention it anymore. Perhaps it has already been shut off.

The RTBF has 3 low-power transmitters on channel 4: Comines/Komen, Couvin and Hastière); all 3 on 10 Watts!!!

Belgium has a good chance for DAB on E.8 and E.10 when their analog TV could be switched off :-)

Well, concerning the transmittor on channel 10, the flemish minister has said that "PAL will be switched of the latest in 2012". Of well, as long as the currently available frequencies are not used, I don't think there is a big hurry for this all.

I don't have any idea about when the Francophone gouvernement plans to shut down the PAL-transmittor at channel 8 in Wavre/Waver but I guess it will roughly be the same timeframe.

gr, hwh
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