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>>> Remember that the basic idea behind aacPlus is not made by an
>>> telecom engineer, but an musician.
>> He was an engineer by trade, and not a musician...
>> "Liljeryd, then a recording engineer and consultant with a few
>> inventions already under his belt, got his big break when someone
>> from the North Sea oil wells stopped by his offices in the
>> mid-1980s. "
> Well, if you understand the nordic languages, you can read this
> article on swedish:
> "Hans intresse för just ljudteknik väcktes när han som professionell
> musiker arbetade som trummis i diverse olika soulband under drygt 16
> års turnerande Europa runt
> Some "fast&bad" Translation:
> His interest for sound engineering waked up when he was a profesional
> musician worked as a profesional trummer in different bands. for
> about 16 years, he was all over Europe with the music.

Wouldn't it be fair to say that you can be both a musician and an
engineer at the same time?

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