Re: French Digital Radio Consultation Responses

DAB sounds worse than FM <> wrote:

> > It's only about 20%, according to the data published on
> > Partly because their offer is less commercial
> > (they don't really have an equivalent of Radio 1 and 2, for
> > instance), and also because France is a more competitive market.

> Right. Are they the most listened to broadcaster? If not, do you know
> who is?

Yes, they're still the most listened to broadcaster, although by a small
margin. Other big national broadcasters are NRJ Group, RTL Group,
Lagardère and Skyrock. Those groups together with Radio France amount to
19 stations with a total audience share of 76% The rest is fragmented
between local stations and small national stations. The regulations
impose a limit of 150m potential listeners for each group, which has had
the effect of limiting further consolidation.