Re: French Digital Radio Consultation Responses

Giuseppe wrote:
> Kristoff Bonne <> wrote:
>>> Why does Radio France say *exactly* the same things as Alcatel
>>> regarding DAB, then?
>> Because Radio France needs to have provide a "national" coverage. As
>> far as I remember, half of the french population lives in one of the
>> large urban centers and the other half is scattered around the
>> country.
> Yes, but doesn't that prove their point that DAB is not the way to go?
> In the document they also say other things about DAB which look like
> they could have been written by Steve "DABSWTFM", so to me it doesn't
> seem just like a biased satellite developer bashing terrestrial
> systems. Basically, for those who can't read French, according to
> Radio France

Are Radio France the French equivalent of the BBC?

> DAB is doomed: it offers no easy upgrading to more
> modern codecs (which will render it antiquated in the near future if
> it isn't so already), it's too expensive, and only allows a much too
> limited number of channels. And it hasn't been exactly a success in
> the countries where it's been launched in the past years.

If an expert in digital communications and DSP was asked to
dispassionately sum up DAB those are the conclusions he'd come to. The
simple fact is that people like Kristoff Bonne and Nicolas Croiset are
"DAB supporters", and they ignore the fact that DAB is 19 years old, and
should be scrapped.

> They would like a hybrid terrestrial/satellite system to launch in 3
> to 5 years, with 50/60 channels of which 10 or 12 would be free, and a
> development of DRM in the meantime. (I'm perplexed... wasn't DRM
> mono-only?

It can use stereo if the bit rates are high enough, but most
transmissions use too low a bit rate for stereo. But DRM is being
extended up to 120 MHz, and they're going to use wider channels, so the
bit rates possible will be a lot higher than they are today.

> And they don't say anything about the future of FM, which
> today offers already about 50 stations to those living in big cities
> in France).
> They also say that for radio listening, the radio tuner has been
> partly supplanted in recent years by TV (!),

Were they referring to radio on TV?

> Internet radio via a PC,
> and FM via portable players and mobile phones.

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