Re: Undecided

Robert wrote:
> I bought my DAB receiver not knowing about the discussion of sound
> quality and expected it to be better than FM. For radio 3 (my main
> listening) I find that the quality is much better than FM.

Is your DAB receiver a portable radio or a tuner?

What FM radio/tuner have you got?
Is your reception on Radio 3 FM poor?

The reason I'm asking is because, for me, Radio 3 sounds significantly
better on FM than on DAB. (Denon TU260L FM tuner, VideoLogic DAB tuner)

> But for
> many other channels I noticed the sound distorted on "sss" sounds and
> also that the signal was often in mono. Onlylater, when I read some
> of the discussion of DAB vs. FM r did I understand why this was, with
> radio 3 haveing a reasonable bandwidth but others being crammed into
> small spaces. it only seems to be the UK that does this cramming of
> station to get quantity at the expense of quality.
> Why does this matter? yes, bcause FM will eventually be switched off.


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