HI - been keeping an eye on this group for a little while now. Really
interested to see the split in opinion on sound quality. It seems there are
some on this group that really think it is bad.

I have a cheap DAB radio in the kitchen, and to be honest think the quality
is pretty damn good. Not that I am comparing it to a hi-fi you understand -
that is in the living room - and a nice one it is too (Cyrus and Mission
gear - so I know a thing or two about hi fi quality)

This is a portable kitchen radio and as such I dont expect wonders - but
still, I think the quality and breadth of choice is superb. I like talk
stations and music - tend to listen to 6 music and Radio 5 Live for Cricket
and footie.

What I really wonder though is, if there are so many on this group that hate
DAB so much, why do they own them, and then spend their time telling people
how bad it is. If it was me, I'd stick my radio on ebay, sell it, return to
FM and forget about it.

Not wanting to start a battle here, but looking for a sound advice forum.
One or two DAB newbies have posted on here asking for advice on units
themselves, reviews etc, and they seem to get a torrent of replies saying
"dont bother mate, sound quality is dreadful"

Just my two cents.