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Uh, dummy, the "end practice" is exactly what were talking about, and
what it "shows" is that the FBI has an office in HK and just got
through taking down a bunch of software pirates.

To bad they kept identifying information around.

Well, they were set up to have no logs at all and thought they were fine
because of that, but unfortunately their host and the backbones logged
everything for them because that is the law there. So when the RIAA
wanted the information, they just asked the host for it and got
everything they needed.

They should have had secured servers and controlled all the log ins and any
information that went with the log in like user name, etc.

Which won't do squat to stop an attacker who has physical access to the
machine and the wire it's using.

Traffic in, traffic out. Collate it with an IP using any garden variety
packet sniffer and a few tools like grep and sed, and you know exactly
who is doing what no matter how "secure" your servers are. You don't
even have to touch the server.

Of course you know all this because you keep throwing your pathetic
pebbles about Tor being "not really secure" because of it. Of course
when it's pointed out that you're more vulnerable to it than Tor by
some incredibly HUGE factor the tune changes, doesn't it weasel?

Yessireee.... All of a sudden traffic analysis "isn't as easy as it
sounds", isn't that right weasel? Suddenly you and your puppets have to
fall back on parroting "no logs" and "Cotse!". No refutation, no
logical or well thought out denial, just the usual childish games you
play when you're backed WAY up onto a corner.

Go ahead weasel, don't disappoint us, fire up your remailer client and
rattle off a couple of your FLUSH/COTSE replies or start calling
people "Bloss" or "Jewish", 'cause you damned sure know as well as we
ALL do it's all you got.