And another GOTP con artist prepares to strike it rich

Following the examples set by Sarah Failin' and The Born Again Virgin
Bristol Failin', failed U.S. senator and failed Republican
presidential candidate Rick Santorum is hitting the lecture circuit to
make a boatload of money -- oh, shit, no, I meant to say, he plans to
hit the lecture circuit to share his values with the rest of us.

Santorum has signed up with an agency and is expecting to make $40,000
to $50,000 per speech.

Santorum's agency bills him as "a passionate champion of America's
founding principles" whose "impressive presidential campaign
positioned him as a leading voice of the Republican Party."

That, or he's a batshit crazy wackjob who lost his Senate seat by a
dumbfounding margin whose presidential campaign was propped up by a
single billionaire's Super PAC money and was ultimately too poorly
organized to capitalize on Mitt Romney's tepid support.

A social issues speech in which Santorum "will chronicle his battles
for the dignity of all human life, his effort to protect traditional
marriage and his struggle to reverse Hollywood's and the main stream
media's onslaught against virtue," seems likely to become one of the
great disco hits of $50,000 Republican speeches. But hilariously,
Buzzfeed points out:

That speech bears the perhaps unfortunate?though obviously
unintended?title, "The Dawn of an American Renaissance," sharing its
name with a conservative publication widely viewed as racist.
Obviously unintended?Rick Santorum never blew a dog whistle in his
life. Meanwhile, Santorum's idea of a renaissance is to take the
nation backward to intolerance and trying to deny the dignity of some
people's lives and loves, and one of America's two major political
parties is on board with that agenda to the tune of $40,000-$50,000 a
hit. Awesome.

For my part, if he stops on the corner of Kick Ass Acres to make a
speech, I'll have his ass arrested for trespassing.