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Summary: Not only the most prolific liar also the most prolific thief
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The DemocRAT Hall Of Shame asks
"Why do you always LIE?"

In the Article "MSNBC Busts Corrupt Media, Part 3: Naming Names"
The list: Journalists who wrote political checks
And their explanations, from 'Yikes!' to 'They're all in somebody's
June 21, 2007

Joe S. said:

If you read the original MSNBC article
you find that the dollar amounts
donated to Republicans exceed by far the dollar amounts donated to

Joe S. is a LIAR.

The amounts are:

Democrats: "206,805

Republicans: "56,125

"Joe S." is now a PROVEN LIAR.

Do yourself a favor and KILLFILE the LIAR Joe S.


"Joe S." <noname@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Oh, my goodness, but if you read the follow-up you'll find that MSNBC listed
as donating to Democrats one individual who donated six figures to
Republicans and when the amounts were corrected - - - - -

But Joe S. is now LYING in an attempt to get out of being CAUGHT

"(Correction: One of the names was included in error in this list of
newspeople who contributed to political campaigns. Joe Cline, a
graphic artist at The San Diego Union-Tribune, is in the advertising
department, not in news. His name has been removed. Because Cline had
given to Republicans, the adjusted tally is 143 journalists: 125
giving to Democrats and liberal causes, 16 to Republicans, and two to
both parties.)"

"(R) The New York Sun, Liz Peek, financial columnist, "2,000 to
Elizabeth Dole, Republican, in March 2007; "2,000 to the Volunteer
PAC, which supports Republicans, in June 2006; "1,000 to Mark Kennedy,
Republican, in June 2006; "500 in June 2006 to Straight Talk America,
which supported Republicans; "15,000 to the National Republican
Senatorial Campaign Committee in April 2006; and "4,200 to Kathleen
Troia McFarland, Republican House candidate, in November 2005. IN
PREVIOUS YEARS, SHE GAVE "65,000 to the National Republican Senatorial
Campaign Committee." [Emphasis mine.]

Joe S. thinks "65,000 is SIX FIGURES? No. Joe S. IS A LIAR!

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