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If you flip over the rock of American foreign policy of the past
century, this is what crawls out?

invasions ? bombings ? overthrowing governments ?
occupations ? suppressing movements for social change ?
assassinating political leaders ? perverting elections ?
manipulating labor unions ? manufacturing "news" ?
economic and political sanctions ... death squads ?
torture ? biological warfare ? depleted uranium ?
drug trafficking ? mercenaries ?

the U.S. bombed Iraq for 12 years. starting in 1991 ,then invaded.

It's not a pretty picture.
It is enough to give imperialism a bad name.

for the rest of the story;  Why they hate U.$.
Karma, What a concept!

Noam Chomsky hs writne about this in his books. the US essentially
assumed the riightt wing militaristic role of Germany after WW2.

When World War 2 ended, fascism was eradicated in most of Europe with
the exception of Spain. However, the fascists in the US were left
alive and well. This is why the US has cultrual differences with the
Europeans and the GOP whines about "Old Europe." Europe was reborn
after WW2 because most of it infrastructure was destroyed. It is
really the other way around: it's old America with its old
infrastructure and old pre-depression fascists.

Bill Mayer pointed out that in it parts of the US wood pipes are used
to delver natural gas.


"...we see no evidence that wood pipe is currently being used. And
since the burden of proof for the Truth-o-Meter falls on the speaker,
we rate Maher's claim False."