As we all know, the rightwing lie machine has been spewing out the lie
that the Obama's were forced to surrender their Illinois law licenses
and therefore, neither of them is an attorney.


For the full story, read Snopes:

For the short version: Attorneys are licensed by states. An attorney
passes the state bar exam and is issued a license to practice law in
that state. Some states have reciprocity -- my daughter, for example,
passed the Virginia bar exam (which, with NY is one of two most
difficult in the nation) -- with her VA license, she was also admitted
to the MD and DC bars. She completed an 8-hour professional
education course and was admitted to the federal bar.

To practice law, an attorney must keep his/her license current, which
requires paying fees and agreeing to do certain things -- continued
professional education, pro bono work, represent indigent people, and
the like.

It is not unusual for an attorney who finds other work to let his/her
license go inactive so he/she is not subject to various state bar
requirements. In fact, Ol' Kickin' has three neighbors who are
attorneys -- I asked them about the status of their law licenses:
-- One lives across the road, works from home, his license is active.
-- One lives in Richmond, his wife lives down the road, he is here on
weekends; his license is active.
-- One is a former Asst SECNAV for Research, Development, and
Acquisition, now working as consultant with General Dynamics. He's a
Harvard Law grad, passed the VA bar, never practiced law, his license
has been inactive for decades -- he's a Republican.

The guy who lives across the road, who works from a law office in his
home, told me that he stays in touch with a dozen or so people who
graduated from law school with him and at least half of those are
inactive because they don't practice law and don't want to pay the VA
bar dues of $350 a year plus $150 for a practice membership plus meet
the continuing education requirements.

The rightwing lie machine claims that the Obamas' law licenses have
been hidden from public view. LIE. Here they are:

The rightwing lie machine also claims that Michelle Obama was subject
to disciplinary action as an attorney. ANOTHER LIE. Prior to 1999,
Illinois required an attorney to petition the court to let their
license go inactive and that's what she did.

The rightwing lie machine claims that the Obama's have "hidden"
information about their law licenses. Again, ANOTHER LIE. If you
check their licenses online, you find that their business address and
phone are "not available online" -- well, no shit -- because their law
licenses are inactive, they are not eligible to practice law in
Illinois, so, they have no address or phone where they don't practice

If they ever want to activate their law licenses, all they do is pay
the state a small fee and they are back in business.

Did you expect the truth from the rightwing lie machine?