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Well she's shown that she is up to the task of giving a good speech but is
she up to the task of being president if McCain should die?


I agree.  Smart, tough lady; great talker; great life story;

Hardly. She would almost certainly be one of those ugly sideline
parents you meet at games who think it's all about them.

In office she has repeatedly misused her office either to inflict
abuse on those she deems disloyal, or to self-aggrandize. She is a
petty tyrant wanting to extend her tentacles. Pity whoever is on her

seems as
if she's been a honest reformer in Alaskan politics - a rarity.  

I don't know if it's a rarity, but with or without her, it's as rare
as it ever was. Her's someone who stuck her hand out for earmark
funds, who accepted contributions from a slushfund deemed illegal, who
borrowed money when she could have built more slowly, who was a
facilitator of pollution in Bristol Bay, who lied about expert advice
on Polar Bears and who utterly debauched public office.

think she's very, very likable.

She's execrable. Like a sinister store mannequin animated by some wily

I find it improbable that McCain will win if the election becomes a
referendum on her, because as her policy stances become the issue,
virtually everyone will mistake her for a Bush redux. Here's someone
who thinks the war in Iraq was God's work.

Then again, I believe it was Mencken who said that nobody ever went
broke underestimating the American public.


Fran - I was going by first impressions from seeing her on TV, may
have been misled. I certainly don't plan to vote for her, and I think
she's dead wrong on whether "humans" have a role in climate change.

Don't know about most of the other issues you raise, but I have seen
some quotes from her about how the Iraq War is supposedly God's plan.
That should be a disqualifier -- whether you believe in God or not.

If God ordained this bloody mess that has resulted in several million
Iraqis being driven from their homes, and in schoolchildren being
killed by terrorist bombings, then I think God should have at least
insured that some sign of Iraqi WMDs would be found.

You don't have to be an atheist, I think, to realize that crooked and
misguided leaders are always trying to claim God's blessing for their
own destructive folly.

I totally disagree with your comments about the "sinister store
mannequin animated by some wily succubus," though. She may be
ruthless - she pretty much describes herself that way -- and she may
be misguided, which I think she is. But you don't have to be
"animated by some wily succubus" to be wrong, tragically wrong, and
simply unable to see your own errors. Or those of your favorite
president, of course.

It's all too human to be wrong and aggressive in being wrong, but to
blame it all on some higher power. So Palin is human and fallible --
like all the rest of us.

The fact that she has no foreign policy experience and is basing her
judgments about the Iraq War on faith and not knowledge, however, I
think does disqualify her for the office she seeks.