A message for Conspiracy Theory Wackos.

A message to silly Conspiracy Theory Wackos. My TV told me so!
19 Arabs hijacked 4 planes armed with box cutters and smashed into the
2 world trade centre buildings, the pentagon and one also got shot
down. They bypassed airport security and NORAD through their Muslim
cunning. Even though they couldn't fly 757's at all, and couldn't even
fly small planes very well, according to their flight instructors,
they did some terrific flying that day. The buildings fell down the
way they did because of the jet fuel. Its because of their Muslim
cunning, the jet fuel melted the steel and pulverised the concrete of
the WTC buildings even though jet fuel burns at a lower temperature
than steel melts, and just because there was molten steel at high
temperatures for months after 911 at the WTC site, recorded by infra
red cameras, that doesn't mean nothing. It couldn't have been sulphur
catalysed thermite cutter charges that brought the buildings down.
Also, that third building, WTC 7 fell down because there were some
small fires in it that made it. Anyway, that building isn't important,
because they don't talk about it on the news. The pentagon had a hole
too small for a 757 just because, and the plane did an amazing 200 +
degree turn and at the same time a steep dive, then levelling at 10 to
15 feet above ground, arching around into a construction area where
there weren't any important people any way. Pretty good for a pilot
that can't fly Boeings, and nearly impossible for someone that can,
but these Muslims are cunning. And that plane that got shot down, even
though there wasn't any wreckage at the crash site, just a hole in the
ground, well, so what? Planes sometimes do that when they hit the
ground. There was evidence of wreckage miles away from the site, which
is because the plane was just damaged or something from the wind or
whatever. And also, even though they couldn't get the black boxes from
the planes because they were utterly destroyed, even though they are
built very strong, one of those bad Muslims passports fell down from
the sky when the plane hit the building, all intact and everything.
And just because some of the 19 highjackers are still alive, its
because they are cunning Muslims and came back to life. So just be
quiet, silly conspiracy theory wackos! My TV told me that Al Qaeda did
it, and all the people on TV wear flash suits and ties and
conservative dresses. And so do the politicians, and everyone can
trust politicians. Any way 911 happened a million years ago or
whatever, so who cares? Its not like it made any difference. And all
the people who died, well, so what? People die all the time. Any way,
I'm going to go watch some more TV.
I can't believe Israel did 911. That the Babylonian Talmudic
indoctrinated Zionist Ashkenazi Jews aka Khazar army (Mossad) backed
by the Neoconservative Israeli Occupation Government of the United
States, Key Military Personnel, Zionist Occupied Media, Rothschilde
oligarchy and other associate Jewish International Banker
counterfeiters/usurers, executed 911 as a false flag operation to
ignite American, and consequently their allies, hatred against Islam
to fuel the war on terror, (to secure oil in Iraq, opium and oil in
Afghanistan and strategic military bases in the Middle East), and to
give a 'reason' to incrementally suspend the rights of American and
consequently allied citizens, and usher in World War 3.